About the ECSC

The Eastern Connecticut Symphony Chorus (ECSC), a subsidiary of Eastern Connecticut Symphony, Inc., is comprised of approximately 80 auditioned singers, who range in age from high school students to octogenarians. The volunteer ensemble presents classical works by Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn and many other major composers, as well as works by contemporary composers such as John Rutter and Morten Lauridsen. 

How to Join

Due to Covid-19, we have currently suspended rehearsals and auditions. Sign up for updates below to learn more about becoming a member, our performance schedule, events, and volunteer opportunities. If you wish to learn more about the chorus or want to make a donation, please contact ECSC President Kathy Walburn.


ECSC Board of Directors

Kathy Walburn

Amy Holmberg
Vice President/Secretary

Jane Falivene

Ben Hayes
Bob Keltner
Nancy Rigdon
David Rinzler

Receive updates from the ECSC

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