Press Release – New ECSO Executive Coordinator Announced

January 25, 2023                      

CONTACT: CALEB BAILEY, 860-443-2876, [email protected]  

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New ECSO Executive Coordinator Announced

The ECSO is pleased to announce the appointment of Gregory Duke to the full-time position of Executive Coordinator. Reporting to the Executive Director, this role is a crucial part of the ECSO team through patron relations, marketing and design, office management, and event coordination.

Upon notice of his appointment, Gregory had the following statement: ”I am thrilled to be joining ECSO as the Executive Coordinator. I have admired the work Caleb, Toshi and everyone at ECSO did over the last couple of years but especially during the pandemic: completing a new website and presenting content that reminds us why it’s important to have quality live music in our little corner of the world. I look forward to meeting more of the ECSO community in the not too distant future.”

Caleb Bailey, ECSO’s Executive Director, will work closely with Greg to execute the ECSO’s mission to “Inspire, Educate, and Connect our communities through live orchestral music.”

“Getting to know Greg through the interview process has been a great experience. He has the skills, personality, and passion for music, all of which are necessary to accomplish what we are working towards with our organization,” Bailey remarked.

Gregory Duke bio:   

Known for his compassionate dedication, Gregory Duke is a vocalist and music educator born in Austin, Texas. He has shared his passion for music in classrooms across the world and has taught in several countries and states in the US.

In his early years, Gregory’s family was actively involved in the arts. He then was involved in middle school and high school band (Alto Sax) and choir (Tenor). Gregory has a BA in Choral Music from the University of Texas at San Antonio and MA in Counseling from Texas A&M. It was during his years as an educator that Greg discovered his interest in supporting young talent and grow young musician into professional musicians. 19 of his former students are currently in collegiate and professional music programs throughout the world and 6 students are working for professional recording studios.

His career in education began as a teaching assistant in Economics where he was responsible for thousands of students. Mr. Duke has taught choral and instrumental music for ten years with various curriculums in Texas, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hawaii, Arizona, and now Connecticut. His passion for aiding others led him toward a position with Family Services where he worked with Residential Youth Offenders. During his time in Mexico, he taught piano as a project for providing education to at risk communities. Mr. Duke became a choir teacher in San Antonio, where he learned the BASIS Model, Saxon Curriculum, and STEAM project based learning. In England, he taught EdExcel and Oxford Music at Key Stage 3, 4, and 5. In Hawaii he taught native ukulele and choir, afterwards received a position teaching Band and Choir in Arizona. He has taught Music GCSE and A Levels, Choir, Band, Digital Music, Tech Theatre, Economics, Pre Algebra, and AP Psychology.

Gregory resides in East Lyme with his spouse and an energetic 14-pound dog. His involvement with the San Antonio Master Singers made him a great addition to the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Chorus. He enjoys a wide variety of activities such as cooking, decorating 3D cakes, cycling nature trails, camping, hiking, painting, playing table-top/ active games, carpentry and get involved in creative projects and extracurricular activities for community growth.

“Music is a powerful communication tool that seems instinctual, described as an internal connection we, as a species, have with universal rhythmic and melodic patterns. Memories can be retrieved with the use of music, without being present during the original encoding. This is caused because it is used as a medium of idiosyncratic expression which continues through oral tradition and survives through social interactions.

This form of creative exploration can assist in motivation, self-identity, sublimation, and other benefits which can be provided to the community. It’s a way to reach out and understand the internal struggles of others, in order to provide help where it is needed. There are cycles within families which can last for generations; and music, if allowed, can provide the hope needed for a better future.”

ECSO general copy:

We are thrilled to announce our 76th Anniversary Season’s lineup, curated by Music Director

and Conductor Toshiyuki Shimada. This season marks the 13th year under the musical leadership of Music Director and Conductor Toshiyuki Shimada. Visit for more information and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) @ectsymphony. The ECSO offers a range of affordable seating options from $65 to as low as $12 for attendance to one concert. The ECSO will continue to offer those under 40 years of age and active or retired military members $12 tickets in premium sections.

Founded in 1946 by Norwegian immigrant, Victor Norman, the mission of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra is to inspire, educate, and connect our communities through live orchestral music.