Wesley Mayhew


Year you joined the ECSO:2008

Wesley Mayhew currently serves as Bass Trombonist with the U.S. Coast Guard Band in New London, Connecticut, a position he has held since 2008. Wesley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Western Kentucky University and a Master’s degree in Trombone Performance from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. In addition to his performances with the band, he has performed extensively with such notable orchestras as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Louisville Symphony Orchestra, and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Wesley has been featured as a soloist with the U.S. Coast Guard Band on numerous occasions, including his notable rendition of Steven Frank’s “Barnacle Bill the Sailor” for bass trombone, and premiere performances of Grammy award winner Kenneth Fuchs’s Bass Trombone Concerto. Wesley’s playing can be heard on many of the U.S. Coast Guard Band’s CDs, on Facebook, and on You Tube. In addition to performing, Wesley is the current trombone professor at Eastern Connecticut State University and Connecticut College.

Favorite Composer:Tchaikovsky. I love his deep sweeping melodies and powerful use of the low brass section.

Favorite Quote or Motto:“With great power comes great responsibility.” Spider-Man comics/ Peter Parker Principle- seems to fit the trombone section’s role in the orchestra.

What/Who Inspired You to Take Up Your Instrument: My older brother played trombone when he was in middle school and high school band. Watching him learn to play intrigued and inspired me to try it. By the time I was able to be in middle school band, I already knew how to play the trombone pretty well. I also loved listening to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries on cassette tape over and over. The low brass entrances always gave me energetic chills.

Favorite Musical Moment:One of my favorite musical moments is the opening measures to Rimsky-Korsakov’s, Scheherazade. I love this powerful low brass moment. I love playing it and listening to it.