Orchestra Audition

Thank you for your interest in the ECSO. We have scheduled auditions this year for September 17 & 18 in the southeastern CT region, specific location and details about dates for each position to be announced shortly. The open positions we’ll be auditioning on those dates are Principal Oboe, Principal Violin II, and Assistant Principal Violin II. The repertoire list for the auditions are below:

Principal Oboe

Solo: Mozart – Oboe Concerto in C Major, K. 314, Movement 1 – Exposition

Orchestral repertoire:

J. S. Bach                  

  • Wedding Cantata, BWV 202, Soprano Arias
  • Movement 1 – Weichet nur
  • Movement 7 – Sich üben im Lieben

Beethoven                  Symphony No. 3

  • Movement 2 – Opening Solo to m. 56
  • Finale – Poco Andante to Letter F (pick-up to m. 351 to down beat of m. 374)

Rossini                        La Scale di Seta Overture

  • opening solo (pick-up to m. 6 to reh. 1;
  • pick up to reh. 2 until down beat of reh. 3

Mendelssohn           Symphony No. 3, Movement 2 – Complete

Brahms                       Violin Concerto in D Major, Movement 2

Tchaikovsky             Swan Lake, Act I – Finale

Tchaikovsky             Symphony No. 4, Movement 2, Opening Solo (beginning to down beat of m. 21)

Rimsky-Korsakov  Scheherazade, Movement 2, Letter A to downbeat of Letter D

Ravel                          Ma mère l’oye, Complete Ballet, Prelude –1 after reh. 14 to 5 before reh. 22

Ravel                          Le tombeau de Couperin

  • Movement 1 – Beginning to reh. 5; 6 after reh. 8 to 1 before reh. 9
  • Movement 2 – Reh. 1 to down beat of reh. 2; reh. 16 to reh. 17
  • Movement 3 – Beginning to reh. 4 with repeats; reh. 12 to end

Principal Viola

1st Round:

Solo: J. S. Bach:  any movement from a Solo Suite

Orchestral excerpts:

Beethoven      Symphony No. 5, Movement 2, mm. 1-10, 49-59, 98-106

Mozart            Overture to Marriage of Figaro,, Beginning to m. 24

Shostakovich  Symphony No. 5, Movement 1, Reh. 15, m. 2 to reh. 17

R. Strauss       Don Juan, Beginning to Letter B

Final Round:

Solo: Exposition of the first movement of a Concerto by Stamitz, Bartok, Hindemith, or Walton

Orchestral excerpts:

Berlioz            Roman Carnival Overture, 1 m. after reh. 1 to 8 m. past reh. 3

Enesco            Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, solo part (Reh. 7 to reh. 8)

Mendelssohn  Scherzo from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Beginning to Letter D

R. Strauss       Don Quixote, solo part, (Var. III, 6 m. after reh. 29 to reh. 34)

Assistant Principal Violin II

Exposition of the first movement of any Concerto

Orchestral excerpts (Violin 1 part unless otherwise noted):

Brahms           Symphony No. 2, Movement 1

  • m. 17 to end of m. 31
  • Letter E to Letter F

Mendelssohn  Scherzo from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Beginning to 7 past Letter D

Mozart            Symphony No. 39, Movement 1, Beginning to m. 90

R. Strauss       Don Juan, Beginning to down beat of Letter B

Brahms           Piano Concerto No. 1, Movement 3 – Violin 2

                        Letter E to end of m. 274

Smetana         Bartered Bride Overture – Violin 2

                        Beginning to downbeat of Letter A