Lou Golston


Year you joined the ECSO: 1984

As a child I had piano lessons and took up the bass as a teenager. Started off playing commercial music and eventually through one of my fine teachers found myself staring at the classical music genre. I decided to go forward into that realm. There’s a saying that when one makes a true commitment the universe responds. So here I am and grateful for every moment spent with this orchestra.

Hidden talent(s):Golf

Favorite musical memory:As a child watching and listening as my father played “Rustles of Spring” by Christian Sinding

Favorite Motto or Quote:Life is not a dress rehearsal

Favorite Composer:Claude Debussy

What/Who inspired you to take up your instrument:I had an acquaintance who said he was going to learn to play guitar and I said if you learn to play guitar, I’ll play bass and the rest as they say is history.