John Frascarelli

Acting Principal Percussion

Year you joined the ECSO:1994

John joined the ECSO percussion section in 1994 under the baton of Paul Phillips. You have seen him on virtually every instrument in the section, including drum set and timpani on select concerts. He has many favorite moments over his 26 years, but is particularly attached to the most recent performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5 under Maestro Shimada. He is grateful for the friendship and support of his talented section mates.

Who/What inspired you to take up your instrument:I remember seeing a parade in Hartford as a young child. I was fixated on the bass drum in the fife and drum corps. For then on, I was getting drums as gifts and it never stopped.

Favorite Percussion Instrument:My favorite percussion instrument is the timpani. Such great repertoire, range of subtlety to sheer power, and the range of tonal possibilities makes it such a creative instrument. I also love playing cymbals in the orchestra. Every cymbal is different and every situation calls for the right tonal color.